The Game Gear Turns 30 Years Old – Game Gear Micro Released!

30 years ago today, on what was Saturday the 6th of October 1990. (George H. W. Bush was President of the US, and Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister in the UK – a long time ago, it seems). Over in Japan, a portable mini Master System-type handheld was released!

Coming with a 3.2″ screen and handling 4096 colours, it was technically much more advanced than its main competition – the Nintendo Game Boy. Even available for the Game Gear was a TV tuner, that gave you a portable TV right in your hands!

Jumping forwards to 2020, and SEGA are today launching their Game Gear Micro range, with a much much tinier screen. Available only in Japan.

Available with different colours, and featuring games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, OutRun and Shining Force, it’s the perfect little celebration of the big brother Game Gear’s 30th anniversary.

The Micro comes with a 1.15″ screen, which is even smaller than the Dreamcast’s Virtual Memory Unit (VMU) screen size, but unlike the original, it is powered with two AAA batteries or a USB cable – definitely not a battery eater!

game gear micros
Available in four colours

Did you know that the original Game Gear was developed under the name “Project Mercury”?

What are your memories of the Game Gear?
Did you prefer the Game Gear over the Game Boy?x

At SEGA Universe, we would like to wish the Game Gear a happy birthday! 🎉 Have your say in the comments below.



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